New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: Will Nick and Jess Grow Closer?

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September 26, 2012

Nick-and-Jess fans may have to wait a while for anything more to happen between those two other than the cute angry talk we witnessed during the season 2 premiere. Jess has a new friends-with-benefits now, after all. But Zooey Deschanel (Jess) did tell TV Guide that Nick (Jake Johnson) will be acting as an “emotional fluffer” of sorts for Jess – and never say never, right?

As for what that means for Nick and Jess fans, [showrunner Liz} Meriwether will only say that “there’s been a lot of conversations” about the two characters and that fans could “expect some developments.”

You heard the New Girl boss-lady! So while Nick and Jess won’t exactly be getting together soon, it sounds like we can at least look out for some more cute moments between them this season.

Who out there is a fan of Nick and Jess getting together? Or do you think they just make great (angry) buds?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • NewGirlFan23

    I really love nick and jess together and i think that their perfect for eachother but i dont want it to happen right now their tension and great friendship pleases me enough for now. I dont think that their ready for eachother just yet its not the right time but down the road I can see them together. But what i really want to know is what nick is going to have to apologize to jess for. Im really curious to know what it is.

  • Jess&Nick.4EVA<3

    nah! i want them to just kiss it out! thaey have had so many leading up to a kiss but it just has never happened … every time that has happened i have literally screamed out kis kis kis kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im getting really angry ,,, sorta lost my voice once…. but who cares.. ive waited soo long i just wnt it to happen!!! p.s sorry for the spelling mistakes, i waas in a hurry :)