New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: What's Up with Our Guys?

New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: What's Up with Our Guys?

After being laid-off, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) may be at a low point at the start of the new season...but our New Girl guys are making some strong comebacks! Schmidt found his new brand, Nick met his future "old" self (kind of...okay, not really), and Winston is starting to find his groove with his new job.

So what's going to be going down for the guys in future episodes?


  • The old-future version of himself touched on it in the double-premiere last night, but Nick may end up making something of the "zombie book" idea.

    “He has this half-written book about zombies and I think he’s going to kind of at some point decide what he wants to do with that book,” says [creator Liz] Meriwether, who adds, “That’s a real thing.”


  • Yes, there will be more Fat Schmidt, and not just Fat Schmidt - Fat Schmidt meeting college Nick.

    "We get to see the moment when Nick and Schmidt met," creator Liz Meriwether tells [TV Guide]. "It's actually funny to see Fat Schmidt, but it's also funny to see Nick in college with weird facial hair. We got a Napster poster. It felt like Nick would be the kind of person who would be into Napster in the '90s."

  • There will be more "sexy Schmidt" too, but with a slightly different vibe now that CeCe is unavailable after their sorta-breakup. Oh, and Schmidt will have a slight obsession with Kanye West.

    “[Schmidt] kind of sets out over the course of the season to hangout with Kanye,” [Liz Meriwether] says. In other words, he’s not in a “dating frame of mind,” though Meriwether says we can definitely “expect some weird sex.”


  • Winston's found some success, and Schmidt might be jealous. Just a tad.

    “Winston’s actually doing pretty well,” explains Meriwether. In fact, he becomes even more determined to do well at work after his mother and sister, a WNBA player, drop by. “[It] kind of pushes him to make some strides at work and to get ahead,” says Meriwether. Not everyone will applaud Winston for his success though. “[Winston is] approaching Schmidt’s level of success, which is annoying for Schmidt.”

And to top it all off, Jess goes through some serious PMS-ing with funny side effects.

It's that time of the month in the New Girl apartment. No, literally, it is, as Jess' strong case of PMS will start affecting the three boys, who are convinced they're now on her "cycle."

So what do you think's in store for us with this "weird [Schmidt] sex" coming up?

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