New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: Nick and Jess to Get New Love Interests

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February 1, 2013

Updated Spoiler! Could this be Nick’s new love interest? TVLine has reported that one “hurdle” Nick and Jess will have to jump goes by the name of Shane.

“Because though Nick and Jess properly locked lips in this week’s episode, many obstacles will litter their path to pursuing anything more. One such hurdle, in fact, will come in the form of Shane, a comely coworker of Nick’s at the bar (and also the boss’ daughter). Though Nick’s new gung-ho attitude at work will further stoke Jess’ interest in her roomie, that fire will be tempered some when she catches sight of his flirty, feisty colleague.”

How do you think Nick will react to the “boss’ daughter” flirting it up?

This may sound a tad confusing in light of the kiss in this week’s episode. But in show creator, Liz Meriwether’s interview with TV Guide, she explained a little bit about why they’ll be doing a lot of push and pull with Nick and Jess’ shifting relationship.

Jess is going to have another love interest in Steve Howey’s Jax. Will Nick get any new love interests?
“Yes, we haven’t cast the girl yet.”

What’s the purpose of these other love interests? Is it to keep them apart longer, or are there feelings they need to deal with first?
“I think they have a lot to sort out. They’re trying to run away from each other pretty hard after it happens and part of Steve Howey coming on is Jess trying to get away from Nick. We’re going to take that through the end of the season. They’ll run away and come back, run away and come back. They’re definitely not together. That didn’t actually feel organic. I don’t think they’re ready to be together. I think there’s too much stuff that they’d have to work through.”

With all this “running away” and “coming back”, where do you think that will leave us come season 2′s finale episode?

  • Remy

    I think the finale will have them coming back together, but maybe that is just my own wishful thinking. I love Nick & Jess’s love, and I think it makes sense with how both of the characters are that they have terrible timing. with one another. While the delay for their actual relationship may be tiring, I believe their love is worth the wait!