New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: Nick and Jess Kissed! What’s Up Next?

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January 30, 2013

This week’s episode of New Girl proved epic as Nick and Jess were shoved into a strip-True American almost-kiss by the entire loft – but didn’t actually kiss. Until the end where Nick and Jess took us a little bit by surprise and finally locked lips.

Creator Liz Meriwether said the moment took the writers by surprise a little bit, too.

“There is actually an early draft of the script where he just says, ‘Not like this,’ and then they didn’t kiss at the end. In reading the script — and I think that was actually the script we went to table with — it did feel like we were pulling our punches a little bit. We don’t want to get into a teasing thing with the audience, and adding the kiss sort of just felt right. And she has a boyfriend, so it just kind of complicates things a little bit more. They aren’t immediately getting together, so it just kind of throws fuel to the fire.”

But even though Nick and Jess won’t be “immediately getting together”, we can definitely expect more moments and tension in future episodes, right? Right.

“Judging by what goes down in episode 19, Nick-Jess fans will not be pleased when one of the duo sleeps with someone else. Basically, [spoiler] crushes [spoiler's] heart and it’ll be tough to watch. But what did you expect? Nick and Jess can’t live happily ever after just yet.”

What do you think, did this “big development” for Nick and Jess happen too soon or did you feel the timing was right?

Sources: TV Rage (via The Hollywood Reporter), E! Online, FOX

  • Pixiez

    It felt right. The perfect moment! It couldnt have happened at a better time. It felt natural, not at all forced. I cant wait to see more.

  • Tanya Marcy

    I feel the same way, Pixiez! I totally did not even see it coming though. I was expecting the episode to just end with us thinking about Nick’s “Not like this!” line and keep us waiting some more. Made my Tuesday night comedy for sure.

  • Allie K.

    I think Jess is going to crush Nick’s heart since they have already begun shooting episode 19, and Liz recently said that they had not cast a love interest for Nick, but they have Jax for Jess already. Still, if it is Nick, it’s probably with some random girl or Shane, the boss’s daughter. Honestly, i hope it is Nick who does it because i just hate that he’s always getting hurt.

  • Tanya Marcy

    I know, right? Every episode I wonder how much more misery poor Nick Miller can possibly take, lol. By the way Allie, I just posted some brand new spoilers for episode 19 that are kind of in line with what we’re talking about – if you want to check them out. :)

  • Sanna

    Liked the story line between Nick and Jess previously but now when they start to deal with jealousy I think I’m gonna get frustrated. Why must they spoil a episode which airs in 3 weeks. What’s the point? I know myself what is gonna happen. But I got to say that the KISS came to me as a complete surprise! :-D

  • Lucas

    I think this is pretty easy to assume. In episode 18 “Tinfinity”, Jess will be hitting it off with the Football player, and Nick will see this and it’ll make him think that Jess is trying to move on from further establishing anything else other than a friendship with Nick. So, Nick absorbs this, and in episode 19 “Guy’s Night/Mongolian”, he hits it off with another girl, Shane, where Jess sees them but feels crushed that Nick is “moving on”. Usually these promos help you script the episode in your head, but there is always a few twists and turns. Can’t wait to watch them!