New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: Nick and Jess Did it!! What’s Next?

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May 2, 2013

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Update: Per recent spoilers from TV Guide, Jake Johnson (Nick) says that Jess is primarily what drives his decisions in the season 2 finale episode:

“Nick doesn’t help the guys [with sabotaging Cece's wedding] because he’s trying to be considerate of Jess’ feelings, which leads him into a weird spiral,” aka relationship clarity. “They put a name to what it is and make a decision to how they’re going to move forward.”

After this week’s episode of New Girl, “Virgins” totally rocked Nick-and-Jess fans’ worlds, we all can’t help but wonder…how will things pan out for them within the next two final episodes of the season?

Show creator, Liz Meriwether has some insight on the “aftermath” of episode 23, leading up to the end of season 2.

“The final three episodes are all consecutive days. It’s the three days leading up to Cece’s wedding,” executive producer Liz Meriwether tells [E! Online]. “[Nick and Jess] have sex at the end of ["Virgins"], and the next episode starts the next day. It’s just dealing with the aftermath of that and Cece getting married and all those complications.”

Do you think Nick and Jess will regret Nick’s moment of “not thinking”, or will it work to move their relationship forward into season 3?

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  • Lucas

    What’s next? Well, I don’t think they will be officially a “couple” by season’s end, but I believe they will give themselves a name that they can build upon., but it won’t be a “friends of benefits” or “no strings attached” kind of thing. Don’t get me wrong, they will probably sleep together again but not just for the fun of it. Everything from the finale on, will be stepping stone for Nick and Jess becoming a couple.

    IMO, there will get closer for the first 6-8 episodes in season 3, only to get pushed apart, then have them in an awkwardy “being around an ex” kind of phase for the next 6-8 episodes, only to come together once again in the later parts of season 3.