New Girl Season 2 Spoilers: Anna Maria Horsford and Parker Posey to Guest Star!

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August 10, 2012

The balls shakes had us going for a while, but we know Winston Bishop’s not that much of a tough guy – but apparently his mama is! Anna Maria Horsford (Amen, Greys Anatomy) has been cast as Charmaine Bishop – Winston’s “tough-talking mom” for New Girl‘s season 2.

“Her character, Charmaine Bishop, is a Chicagoan who raised all of her children to become professional basketball players — in Winston’s case, at least, it worked for a while! Oh, and Mama Bishop hates Schmidt. (As if such a thing were possible!)”

Parker Posey (the FX’s Louie) will also be joining the guest star ranks this season – as part of a Schmidt plot.

“Posey will replace the previously cast Leslie Mann as a “shot girl” who’s working the party that Schmidt (Max Greenfield) throws to celebrate the removal of his, um, penis cast.”

So what do you think is up with Winston’s tough basketball player-raising mama – visiting Winston, maybe? How do you think she feels about his recent career change? Hit the comments and share your thoughts and excitement about Winston’s mom – and Schmidt’s, um, “penis cast”.

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