New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: Winston’s Getting Some Tough Daisy Love

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February 13, 2013

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In the midst of all the Nick-and-Jess smooching and Schmidt-Cece-chasing, did we forget that the amazing Brenda Song (Daisy) is currently romancing Winston on New Girl?? I think not.

You can check out some spoiler details on their budding relationship below, via showrunner Liz Meriwether (right after you metaphorically lynch me for that accidental pun).

“She’s really funny and we really like her,” creator Liz Meriwether says, noting that because Jess/Nick and Schmidt/Cece are hitting bumpy roads ahead, the romance quotient on the show will, for now, be filled by Winston. “She’s tough love for him, which is fun and gives it back to him pretty intensely. She’s almost like a coach for him.”

So yes, in case you were wondering, Brenda Song will be back for more New Girl episodes. What did you think of her character in “Cooler”, and are you excited to see more of Winston’s new romance with Daisy?

Source: TV Guide

  • chaz

    i like her! I hope she stays for a while! : )

  • Tanya Marcy

    Me too! I adored Brenda Song on Suite Life back when it was on Disney, so I was real excited to see her doing more TV now. :) And on a show I watch, to boot!