New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: Winston to Get a New Job?

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September 28, 2012

In New Girl‘s season 1, we watched LaMorne Morris’ character, Winston switch careers in a bit of a drastic way – and he still managed to come out on top, ball shakes and all. Now showrunner Liz Meriwether has spoiled for us that Winston may just come into a new job – and maybe a new girlfriend? – in season 2.

“His relationship with Shelby is falling apart in the first batch of episodes. He’s going to get a better job in the first batch [of episodes] so he’s just staying pretty focused on work. Definitely later in the season we’re going to get him into a relationship. We don’t know how or when or what that is yet. You see in that second episode with his mom (Anna Maria Horsford) that his younger sister (Keenyah Hill) is playing pro now. I think he just feels this pressure to do better than he’s doing at work.”

But is this relationship Winston will “get into” still with Shelby (Kali Hawk), or a completely different girl, and what do you think of this “better job” spoiler? Talk about what could be coming up for Winston in the comments below!

Source: TV Guide