New Girl Season 3 Spoiler: Will Schmidt Choose Elizabeth or Cece?

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August 14, 2013

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Hannah Simone (Cece) tells TVLine that, “The fans will find out what happened after the wedding,”…and that “Schmidt is forced to ‘make some decisions’” re: Cece vs. Elizabeth. “It’s up to Schmidt now. Cece is pretty self-explanatory and so is lovely Elizabeth, so he has a hard choice.”

The New Girl finale last season left us up in the air with not just Jess and Nick, but Schmidt and Cece too. Will Schmidt leave Elizabeth for Cece come season 3, since Merritt Wever will be returning for just a couple more episodes?

E! Online spoiled that Schmidt will be a “boyfriend” to one of the girls for sure.

Schmidt will be called “boyfriend” by Elizabeth or Cece within the first three episodes.Nope, we’re not telling you who. Just know that Schmidt, bless his douchebag jar-filling heart, will not make this decision without some serious guilt.

Will Schmidt feel guilty staying with Elizabeth after Cece left Shivrang for him – or will he feel guilty going back to Cece, now that he’s reestablished his relationship with Elizabeth?