New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: Who Celebrates 10 Years?

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January 21, 2013

Ten years of living together, to be specific. Read the spoilers below to find out the details on that one (there’s another Schmidt party involved), and what it has to do with CeCe – and Nick and Jess.

“…not only will Cece’s arranged marriage situation only intensify, but it will reach critical mass during a party celebrating Nick and Schmidt’s 10 years of living together. It will be a downer for Schmidt, and Nick won’t have much to party over either when he sees Jess flirting it up hardcore with another guy. Geez. Can’t these guys just come to their senses and live happily together forever?”

What are you looking forward to most, downer Schmidt pining over CeCe (will Robby be there to comfort him?) or Nick getting all jealous over Jess and some guy?

Source: E! Online