New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: Where Does Jess Get Her "Energetic Gene"?

New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: Where Does Jess Get Her "Energetic Gene"?

Updated Spoiler! The wedding blind item below that could include New Girl has been narrowed down to four shows. Could New Girl be the show in question?

As you may or may not know, Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) parents - to be portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner - will be coming to visit during this season's Thanksgiving episode, and Jess gets the idea to "Parent Trap her parents".

But what will Jess' parents be like, and are they anything like her?

"I'm a little energetic. I think [Jess] got her energetic gene from me," Curtis tells [E! Online].

Ah, so can we expect Jamie Lee Curtis to "rock a lot of polka dots" and strum up a song or two later this month? Here's hoping.

In other New Girl spoiler related-news, this may or may not be happening soon. E! also released a blind spoiler from five different shows, with New Girl being one of the series. Here it is:

Meg in Los Angeles: Scoop on Once, Grey's, Happy Endings, New Girl, Revenge, Big Bang Theory or all of the above!
Yowza, that is quite a list. How about we give you scoop that is related to one of those shows? But here is the kicker: We won't tell you which show it is. In episode 12, a wedding planner will be involved and she will butt heads with a main character. Who's headed down the aisle? Now, we can't tell you that! So start speculating!

I'm betting it's not for New Girl, but hey, you never know. If it is, who do you think could be getting married on the show (or who do you want to get married on the show? We know Schmidt and CeCe came close on Halloween night).

Source: E! Online