New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: When Will Nick and Jess Move into “Couple” Territory?

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January 21, 2013

New Girl writers have been promising us a development this season for Nick and Jess that includes the two starting to question their more-than-friendship. But when will this happen, exactly?

E! Online clears that up for us. Or at least, sheds a little bit more light on the Nick-and-Jess situation during the show’s second season.

Reese: Nick and Jess scoop! The New Girl writers keep promising something is going to happen between those two, and nothing so far. Help!

We cannot confirm for sure which episode something goes down in between Nick and Jess, but it definitely will happen. How do we know? Because in episode 17, Schmidt discovers that Nick and Jess have moved into ‘more than friends’ territory, and predictably, he kind of freaks out. But Nick and Jess fans shouldn’t celebrate yet, because those two are going to insist to Schmidt that they are a couple or even ‘a thing.’”

And we know in episode 15, “Cooler” that a game of “strip” True American will lead Nick and Jess into an awkward situation of sorts. Are you looking forward to this slow shift in Nick and Jess’ relationship on the show?

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