New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: "Romantic Moment" Coming Up for Nick and Jess!

New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: "Romantic Moment" Coming Up for Nick and Jess!

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Don't you just love Nick and Jess? They may not be a couple yet, but even actor Jake Johnson (Nick) told Entertainment Weekly how much he's loving how the writers have pushed Nick and Jess together this season.

“I don’t know if they are actually ready to date, but I love that we are exploring it,” he says. “They gotta start getting together. And there is so much to play with. What if they tried dating? What would happen? If they fall in love, what would happen? What happens if they then break up or date other people? I’m glad we are getting to it. It is time. … Not that we are going to jump all in like next week or something.”

So I bet you'd also love some Nick-and-Jess scoop, right? E! Online has some for us, and you'll find it reminiscent of a certain Nicholas Sparks story.

"You know how in The Notebook Allie really fell in love with Noah when they danced in the street? Well, replace Noah and Allie with Nick and Jess and replace that South Carolina street with a street in Hollywood and you've got a really romantic New Girl moment coming up! Let's hope the dance is followed by a kiss in the rain, eh?"

Kisses in the rain = most romantic moments, like ever. Nick-and-Jess fans, share your excitement for this moment in the comments!