New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: Rob Reiner Returns as Jess’ Dad!

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March 13, 2013


You know you loved Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee-Curtis as Jess’ absolutely a-dorkable parents back in this season’s Thanksgiving episode.

Well guess what? TVLine learned at New Girl‘s 2013 PaleyFest panel that Rob Reiner will be making another appearance as Jess’ dad near the end of the season!

“Rob Reiner will reprise his role as Jess’ dad in Episode 24.”

Episode 24 being the episode right before episode 25 – also known as the season 2 finale. Do you think Jess’ dad plays a role in the season finale at all, and what reason could he have to come see Jess for an episode? (Or will Jess go to see him?)

  • Rich S

    Really excited to see Rob Reiner again!My guess is that since Nick & Jess are considering dating & trying out as a couple(Hot make out session/First date/Dance in the street etc.).Jess’s father return will remind her how much he is like Nick & how much Jess is like her mother & since her parent’s marriage failed,it wont end well for her either.BUT, having said that,I hope its not like that,coz I think they are meant to be.I ship them so hard its ridiculous :)