New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: Does Cece Really Get Married?

New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: Does Cece Really Get Married?

Updated Spoilers! According to spoilers from Zap2It, "fans can also look forward to a very endearing gesture from Schmidt to Cece." What will it be, any thoughts?

With Cece (Hannah Simone) jumping from Schmidt to Robby to some Indian guy in the span of a season and a half, it's really making us wonder...will Cece actually go through with this arranged marriage idea?

While we're all still holding out for Schmidt and Cece (and this fantastic Schmidt-Robby bromance thing going on), Cece does seem pretty serious about the idea of settling down. New Girl's creator, Liz Meriwether confirms that they'll be taking the whole Cece-marriage thing at least until the end of this season.

Next Tuesday [season 2 episode 16, "Marriage"], "we end up in an Indian marriage convention with Cece trying to meet an Indian guy to marry... I think they’re still really struggling with their feelings towards each other, even though they both keep trying to move on. That is definitely something that we are going to follow to the end of the season, just to see if Cece is going to take this all the way through and get married."

What do you think, will Cece go through with it?

Source: TV Fanatic