New Girl Season 2 Spoiler: Are Schmidt and Cece Never, Ever Getting Back Together?

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January 9, 2013

Don’t worry Schmidt-and-Cece fans, Cece’s not exactly singing Taylor Swift on Schmidt just yet – but according to showrunner, Liz Meriwether, Schmidt and Cece aren’t exactly getting back together just yet, either.

“[Cece is] very much setting out for her mom to set up an arranged marriage for her. And Schmidt is dealing with that and trying to undermine her a little bit.”

(Which you might remember hearing about from these spoilers here.)

Well, this should be fun. What scheming do you think Schmidt will start doing to “undermine” Cece’s efforts to “marry brown”? If his Winston-black foray in last night’s new episode, “Cabin” is any indication, should be every kind of hilarious.

Source: TVLine