New Girl Season 2 Season Finale “Elaine’s Big Day” Guide

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May 13, 2013

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*Check out more photos for “Elaine’s Big Day” right here!

*Once upon a time, this episode was titled, “Downton Abbey Christmas Special”. Then, in New Girl fashion, it changed. :P

It’s the New Girl season finale – and it’s also Cece’s wedding day. Will she go through with it and marry Shivrang?

You can read the guide for season 2 episode 25 (the season finale) of New Girl, “Elaine’s Big Day” below:

NEW GIRL (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) – “Elaine’s Big Day” – Season Finale

  • Cece’s wedding day finds Jess and Nick making a decision about their relationship.
  • Meanwhile, Schmidt schemes with a typically overenthusiastic Winston to sabotage the nuptials, although a shocking announcement may be bigger than anything he plans.
  • Taylor Swift and Rob Reiner guest-star.

Source: FOX

  • Ramsey Zeitouneh

    Its a shame to see Scmidt’s character regressing. I liked seeing him go back to Elizabeth at the end of the last episode. It showed real growth in his character, that he was evolving past being a douchebag who only wants to date models. Now, though, it seems he’s reverting back to his old douchey self.

  • Tanya Marcy

    @facebook-1362056991:disqus, I had that exact same thought recently! While I adore Schmidt/Cece to pieces, I really, really liked what they did with his character in that episode (with Elizabeth). I’m really impressed with how his character has been evolving this season, and I while I don’t know exactly the direction they’re going for here – I do hope that, like you said, he doesn’t start regressing. Luckily, I think we can trust the writers! :) But we’ll see.

  • Lucas

    How do you know that his “re-experience” with Elizabeth won’t make him a better man for Cece? After Elizabeth first turned him away, saying that when his weight changed, he changed into a worse person, her came back by bringing her those pizza’s and eating them all. (even though he had one, I doubt Elizabeth would let him stop there haha). I think he realized that his past behaviour with previous women and his ex’s, are enough to label him as a “douche” (duh) and perhaps it’s time that his “fat guy personality” can be balanced with this “new” (been fit for years) slim guy. People do change when it comes to love.

  • Tanya Marcy

    Good points, Lucas!

  • Nik P

    I’m guessing the shocking announcement is that Cece is pregnant with Schmidt’s baby. I hope not because a pregnancy story line means the show’s run out of ideas.

  • Rich S

    Acc to Ausiello the “shocking announcement threatening to derail Cece’s wedding day does not involve a bun being present in the bride-to-be’s oven.” fandom can take a collective sigh of relief now.

  • Rich S

    Damn it!Wrong link,will try again, but if it doesnt work its on Ask Ausiello TV line dated 16thApril.

  • Tighearnancm

    I know your point, but i disagree, i think he was much funnier when he more of a douche