New Girl Season 2 Finale Spoiler: What Happens with Nick and Jess?

New Girl Season 2 Finale Spoiler: What Happens with Nick and Jess?

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This season's New Girl finale will feature the huge event of Hannah Simone's Cece getting married to Shivrang - but what's going to go down between Nick and Jess?

The writers have done a dynamite job of creating this push and pull between the two all season, so where will they leave us going into season 3? E! Online gives us a bit of an idea with this new spoiler:

"...Nick and Jess will have a very important one-on-one session during Cece's wedding in the finale, but you might also be interested in the fact that Jess will take issue with calling Nick her [spoiler]!"

What will Jess call Nick? Or maybe it's more like a...who? Rob Reiner will be reprising his guest role as Jess' dad in the last couple episodes of the season, hmm....

In fact, according to TV Guide:

Get ready for more awkward Nick Miller times! When Jess' dad (Rob Reiner) returns, Nick will find himself stuck hanging out with Papa Day and it won't go as planned, natch. "There's a lot at stake because Nick is trying to impress him," executive producer Liz Meriwether tells me. "I think Bob Day likes Nick a lot, until he realizes that Nick might be interested in his daughter, so he's holding him up to a little bit of a higher standard."

Well, Nick's got it down pat with Jess' mom...ha. Are you excited to see Nick interacting more with Jess' dad?