New Girl Season 2 Finale Spoiler: Schmidt’s Ex Girlfriend, Elizabeth Plays a Big Part

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May 7, 2013

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With Cece getting married in New Girl‘s season 2 finale episode, “Elaine’s Big Day”, what’s a Schmidt to do? Well, we’ve kind of been liking what his ex girlfriend, Elizabeth brings out in him, pizzas and all. And so does show creator, Liz Meriwether.

“We were really happy with her and that’s a big part of the finale, their relationship and where that ends up. She’s just so great and so funny in such a real, emotional way,” Liz Meriwether explains of Elizabeth and Schmidt’s connection. “I love them together. I love what she does to Schmidt. She brings out this other side of him. I definitely think she’s going to continue to be in his life.”

Where do you think Schmidt will end up with Elizabeth by the end of the season finale…and what will this mean for Schmidt and Cece?

Source: E! Online

  • howdy

    nooooooooooo, shmidt and ceceeeeee!although elizabeth is joke, he has to be with cece:/

  • memphismama

    i love schmidt and elizabeth! i hope season 3 is full of that love triangle… with elizabeth winning!