New Girl Season 2 Finale “Elaine’s Big Day” Photos

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May 13, 2013

*Read the guide for “Elaine’s Big Day” right here!

Updated! Check the gallery below for a new photo (featuring special guest star, Taylor Swift!).

It’s the day of Cece’s wedding, but will there actually be a wedding by the time the episode is over? Check out photos from the season 2 finale of New Girl (episode 25), “Elaine’s Big Day” in our gallery, right here:

Source: FOX Publicity

  • Ramsey Zeitouneh

    I’m guessing Taylor Swift’s character is going to be the one that Shivrang is in love with.

  • Tanya Marcy

    I’m guessing that you’re right! :) Unless of course something has changed, but judging by the episode title, I’m thinking that’s correct.