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New Girl Season 2 Episode 6 "Halloween" Spoilers

New Girl Season 2 Episode 6 "Halloween" Spoilers

Jess and the guys are in for some scares this Halloween, and the big ones actually don't have a whole lot to do with the usual tricks and treats (although Nick does have a strange and unhealthy fear of haunted houses).

Check out some spoilers for New Girl's Halloween episode below:

  • Winston and Shelby are in for another bump or two in their relationship. It seems Shelby's still holding out on Winston in the sex department, but something else happens to tip Winston over the edge and into breaking up with her (hint: It has something to do with her too-creative Halloween costume).
  • Nick is afraid of...haunted houses? Afraid so. It all started when he was 11 and got the "crap" scared out of him. Literally. In fact, when Jess drags him to a haunted house on Halloween night, Nick gets so freaked that he...punches Jess in the face?
  • There will be creeps and monsters - a witch, a mummy, and a Frankenstein to be specific - to populate aforementioned scary haunted house. One of them may even try to give Jess some advice about her love life.
  • Schmidt and CeCe are mistaken for a costumed bride and groom when the two dress up separately as Abraham Lincoln and an angel (and did Schmidt just diss CeCe's Halloween costume?? Maybe just a little).
  • Jess is starting to fall for sex buddy, Sam a little bit, and she may have gotten the idea that he's into her too. The only problem is, Sam tells Nick that he and Jess are just friends with benefits and nothing more.

What do you think of Winston and Shelby breaking up? What about Sam and Jess' relationship, will it bring Jess and Nick closer together?

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