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New Girl Season 2 Episode 24 "Winston's Birthday" Spoilers

New Girl Season 2 Episode 24 "Winston's Birthday" Spoilers

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Updated! 3/26/13 Episode 25 of New Girl (also the season 2 finale) is actually titled, "Downton Abbey Christmas Special" - instead of "Winston's Birthday (Part 2)".

Rob Reiner guest stars again as Jess' dad, and he's not exactly helping matters with Nick.

You can read spoilers for episode 24 of New Girl, "Winston's Birthday" - below:

  • Jess' dad, Bob (Rob Reiner) is in town, but it's not exactly the most fun visit ever when Jess makes a connection between Nick and her dad. Then of course everything Nick does reminds her of her father, and as Jess says herself: "I can't date my dad".
  • Jess gets a surprise call from her former boss, Tanya saying that she has a teaching job for her at a new school, and Jess is more than a little psyched. Only problem is, she's got about a million things to deal with: her and Nick, Cece getting married, Winston's birthday...not to mention her dad's in town. The kicker? When Jess shows up at the school for her interview, Tanya has her sub a rowdy class instead (and "rowdy" is putting it mildly).
  • Speaking of surprises, expect Winston to show up at Cece's apartment for his surprise birthday party - and imagine his disappointment when all he finds is a disheveled, half-asleep Cece. (With everything else going on, will the gang forget all about Winston's birthday??)
  • You might remember that Schmidt shows up at the door of his old college girlfriend, Elizabeth in episode 22, "Bachelorette Party", asking her to be his plus-one for Cece's wedding (check out spoilers here and here). Well, what happens when they're actually kind of a thing, but Schmidt is too embarrassed by Elizabeth around other (hotter, *cough-cough*) women? Will Schmidt finally man up and face Elizabeth by dressing up in the sweatshirt she once got him and his old size 48 pants? Yes, no, maybe....

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