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New Girl Season 2 Episode 24 "Winston's Birthday" Guide

New Girl Season 2 Episode 24 "Winston's Birthday" Guide

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Updated! 4/17/13: See down below for more spoilers in the full guide to "Winston's Birthday"!

Updated! 3/26/13 Episode 25 of New Girl (also the season 2 finale) is actually titled, "Downton Abbey Christmas Special" - instead of "Winston's Birthday (Part 2)".

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NEW GIRL (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) – “Winston’s Birthday”

  • Jess’ dad (guest star Rob Reiner) chooses the worst day to pay the loft an unexpected visit, forcing a nervous Nick to spend time alone with him.
  • Meanwhile, Jess gets a shot at a big new job on the day before Cece’s wedding.
  • Then, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) struggles to publicity date a less-than-physically-ideal woman.
  • Winston (Lamorne Morris) continually psyches himself up for his huge surprise birthday celebration, which no one seems to remember to throw for him.
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub (“24”) guest-stars.

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