New Girl Season 2 Episode 23 “Virgins” Spoilers

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April 22, 2013

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Updated Spoilers! 4/22/13 TVLine has just spoiled that Nurse Jackie‘s Merritt Wever returns as the first woman to have that relationship with Schmidt’s Little Guy” in the context of New Girl‘s “Virgins” episode. Will we find out that Elizabeth was Schmidt’s first?

Updated Spoilers! 3/25/13 Another “Virgins” spoiler from E! Online:

“In the show’s upcoming flashback to the gang’s respective first times, Mick Jagger circa 2000 will make an appearance!”

Updated Spoilers! 3/15/13 Jake Johnson (Nick) shared some details with Entertainment Weekly about Nick’s flashback experience in “Virgins”.

“Well he was 16. He had braces. He was not a smooth operator believe it or not, but it’s a big father-son kind of – wait that sounds wrong – [Nick and] his father really connect [via flashback] with the idea of how they each lost their virginity. So we get really great Walt/Nick stuff.”

EW also revealed the air date for “Virgins” – Tuesday, April 30.

More Updated Spoilers! 3/12/13: See down below in bold.

In this upcoming New Girl episode, Jess, Cece, and the guys recount their losing virginity horror stories (or…lack of losing virginity).

Take a sneak peek into what happens in season 2 episode 23, “Virgins” below:

  • We may know Cece as sexy, stunning model best friend to Jess, but Cece was a virgin once too, you know. Until Snoop Dogg took her “maidenhead” (thank you, Schmidt). Hey, if you’re in shock, just think how Jess and the guys will take the news!
  • We’ll get a flashback into one of Nick’s dad’s schemes, but this time it’s trying to get a 16-year-old Nick laid. Hoo, boy. Nick won’t be alone either, just like all those other times, Winston will be along for the ride – trying to convince all the other girls there that he’s not a virgin. Wait, other girls? Yep, this whole thing takes place in a hotel room. But the outcome with Nick might not be what you’d expect.
  • Flashback to Jess and Cece’s high school prom, when Jess was a little bit of an eager beaver to lose her v-card. She has the whole thing planned and everything, right down to the mix CD and the guy to lose it to. But a young Cece’s not the only one who’s unsure about this. Let’s just say Jess’ prom date won’t be as gung-ho about their “special night” as she is.
  • So Jess will drag the guys through almost-losing-her-virginity story after almost-losing-her-virginity story until she eventually gets to the real deal – but before that, one of her accounts will include a reunion-rendezvous with “prom guy” in her early 20s, when Cece drags Jess to a bar (can you guess which one…? Haha) to scout for fresh meat for her “first time”. But even though it involves a flashback into 22-year-old versions of the guys, this virginity story won’t have a happy ending either…although it does take place partly in a bouncy castle.
  • But by the end of the episode, Jess will reveal to the guys who really was her first (hint: It has to do with a firetruck) – which will then make Nick want to come clean to Jess about his virginity story, too.

So whose virginity stories in this episode are you itching to hear about most?

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  • Lucas

    I think it’s kind of refreshing that every one is taking a break from the whole “Nick and Jess” thing in this episode. It’s good to see what established these characters roots, it in a sense, gives us an understanding of how they “tick”. Now, I find it interesting that they will be swapping virginity stories, I mean, it is what people do, but more or less, it is what couples do, correct? Is this a way for Nick and Jess to talk about there sexuality without actually talking to each other about it? I know, I’m probably over-analyzing, but hey, maybe not. Looking forward to this episode!

  • Tanya Marcy

    I know, I thought the premise of this episode was kind of strange – until I remembered it’s something people actually do. Ha. I’m not entirely sure what leads up to the whole conversation, or if the episode ever has a Nick-Jess kind of focus…but it will definitely be interesting to see Nick and Jess’ interactions in all this, considering the new development with their relationship this season. :)

  • Rich S

    I kinda get a feeling that Nick & Jess might be hooking up by the end of this episode.

  • alyssa

    me too! I’m gonna freak out so much. But if they cut the scenes I’ll be like “damn you!”:D

  • alyssa

    I wanna know how or what they were doing/talking about before they went on to this segue(exchange of losing each of their virginities).

  • Katie

    Omg I really want Nick and Jess to be together they would make such a cute and very odd couple!!!!!

  • Lucas D

    From what I’ve gathered (I read a whole lot of tumblr spoilers, and fan forums) it appears Jess will receive a text from Teddy, the guy she lost her virginity to, and somehow it’ll start up the flashback episode where everyone else shares their V-card stories.

    I will share more. Nick tells his story of how his recently deceased father, Walt, got Nick and Winston (who looks hilarious with his afro) hookers for their first time. And as each character’s story goes on, it appears Jess is the only one that said losing their V-card should be this special moment, and is disappointed in Nick because he feels that it isnt a big deal, but he changes his story when he and Jess are alone in a scene. He believes in that too, and admits his story is a lie. In fact, his first time he wanted it to be a special moment as well, even going as far as making sure the bed was neatly made, having burning candles, and flower pedals spread out on the bed. Not sure whom it was with, may have even been Caroline, i guess we’ll way see April 30.

    Now, from what I gathered, apparently Jess is supposed to “meet” up with Teddy downstairs or outside their building (not sure how credible this is) but Nick’s real story actually gives Jess the feeling that she and Nick are much alike, and how, without saying or admitting it, want it to be special when they do it…. so “drum roll please*… Jess bails on Teddy, and then Nick and Jess totally do it sending all of us screaming, jumping for joy, loosing our breathe, and doing a celebratory dance.

    My girlfriend said I was crazy for liking this show, she didn’t find it that entertaining…. Well, that’s why she’s know my ex-girlfriend! haha :)

  • Lucas D

    LOL, well obviously they wont show them doing it, probably a nice make out sesh (more like 10 seconds), it’s a comedy after all, not MTV, and then the bedroom door being closed with some cheesy music playing in the background as the credits roll

  • Lucas D

    Also want to add, not everything I have written may happen, its just what ive gathered and pieced together. Also, I’m sure everyone knows, they film a lot of scenes and not all make the final cut, so some spoilers or info may not happen. Anyways, happy watching, less than two weeks away!

  • tapiers rule

    LOL – if your wrong you need to be hired as a writer :)! This needs to happen

  • Lucas D

    Haha, thanks! I send my resume to Fox with scripts and never get any phone call back :( Anyways, I’d be happy if 50% of my “script” turned out to be true! :)

  • Tanya Marcy

    Lucas, I didn’t know you’re a writer! :) I also write scripts, I have a couple pilots in progress.

  • billybobjakens

    D: What if nick and jess lost it to each other without even realizing it or something like that lol yea right that would be crazy

  • Lucas

    LOL that’s what the initial tumblr reaction when it was known that a young Jess and Cece see young Schmidt, Nick, Winiston at the bar, but it won’t happen. It would be crazy, but I’m sure they would have known if it had happended. Haha :)

  • Alyssa

    I love your response so much, i want it too happen<3 thanks!

  • Alyssa

    I am talking to writers?!!!! Woah!! Hope your scripts get accepted!!

  • noah

    since its called virgins does that mean that nick and jess are gonna hook up me thinks so :)