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New Girl Season 2 Episode 20 "Chicago" Spoilers

New Girl Season 2 Episode 20 "Chicago" Spoilers

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Updated Spoilers! According to new spoilers from TVLine, Zooey Deschanel's Jess will wind up being the one portraying "Elvis" at Nick's dad's funeral. Most likely because they can't find anyone else to do it.

"Spoiler alert: The Miller clan worships Nick and despises Jess, who for reasons that remain unclear dresses up like Elvis Presley in the episode."

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! When Nick's dad, Walt passes away (remember episode 13 this season, "A Father's Love"?), Jess, Winston, and Schmidt join him in flying to Chicago for the funeral. What ensues? Pure and utter mayhem of course.

You can check out our exclusive spoilers below for a March episode of New Girl, season 2 episode 20, "Chicago":

  • Jess and the guys accompany Nick back home to Chicago for his father's funeral, where a lot more goes wrong than Schmidt "losing his luggage". Let's just say Nick's family isn't exactly big on funeral-planning, so Nick's mom, Bonnie leaves poor Nick stuck with crazy Old Aunt Ruthie and all the last-minute preparations (including hiring an Elvis look-a-like) while his dumb brother, Jamie and cousin Bobby from Boston argue at each other's throats the entire time.
  • Seeing Nick in a tailspin over the funeral planning, Jess offers her assistance. But coming with Nick and the guys for his dad's funeral gives Jess an opportunity to fully see what the Miller family is really like - "too many Millers", as Nick puts it. In other words, completely and totally insane. But Jess may just give Nick's mom, Bonnie a talking-to when the Mrs. Miller voices her opinion that Jess doesn't really have a good reason to be at the funeral.
  • If it seems like Schmidt will be acting strange this episode, it's not your imagination. "Losing his luggage" just may be one of his excuses not to attend Nick's dad's funeral, Winston uncovering the reason why as they look for proper funeral attire at a "largely black clientele" shop. (Hint: Schmidt just may be deathly afraid of death.) Winston meanwhile, deals with death in a very teary way. We're talking the waterworks.

New Girl Fun Fact: Did you know Nick's actor, Jake Johnson is actually from Chicago? Are you looking forward to finally seeing the Miller family dynamic, and how Jess fits into it all?

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