New Girl Season 2 Episode 20 “Chicago” Photos

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March 21, 2013

Updated Gallery! Check out more photos for “Chicago” (of Jess as Elvis!) down below.

Jess and the guys join Nick in flying home to Chicago for an unexpected funeral in season 2 episode 20 of New Girl, “Chicago”.

Make sure you check out our exclusive spoilers here to find out whose funeral it is, and you can peruse the photos for the episode in our gallery below!

Source: FOX

  • Rich S

    I have been dying to see Nick’s interaction with his mother,ever since the Christmas episode last season & the fact that she’s played by Margo Martindale is just gravy! Btw,great job casting Nick Kroll..he really does look like Nick.I think only thing better would have been David Krumholtz. I cant be more excited to see this episode,19th March cant come fast enough.

  • Tanya Marcy

    Oh my gosh, I love David Krumholtz! (Partners wasn’t very good, but I was bummed it got canceled because he was one of the stars. Haha.) I can’t wait to see “Chicago” either! Looks like it will be a good episode. Thanks for the comment, @google-2a4e67af3d2fadf4eec626a4ea8fa116:disqus!

  • Rich S

    I love him too,ever since Numb3rs,but i said that coz i find a striking resemblance between him & Jake Johnson :) & I have a feeling this episode is gonna stir up lot of emotions(Nick’s unresolved father issues,his semi requitted longing for Jess etc.)& whatever happens in this episode leads up to Nick & Jess going on a date in the subsequent episode,so it has to be goood!So cant wait!