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New Girl Season 2 Episode 19 "Quick Hardening Caulk" Spoilers

New Girl Season 2 Episode 19 "Quick Hardening Caulk" Spoilers

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Updated! 3/13/13: Episode title changed once again - to "Quick Hardening Caulk". You may heave a sigh in New Girl exasperation...and then laugh because it's kind of funny. (Who's with me in thinking "Guy's Night" was a better episode title?)

Update! 2/27/13: Episode title confirmed as "Guys Night".

Update! We have conflicting spoilers about the title for episode 19 - "Guy's Night" or "Mongolian". Currently looking into it, check back for a confirmation!

With Nick all of a sudden doing well at work, Jess starts to see him a little differently in light of their kiss in "Cooler". But will Nick blow it trying to hide his interactions with his boss' daughter?

You can read our exclusive spoilers below for season 2 episode 19 of New Girl, "Quick Hardening Caulk":

  • Nick decides to do a "guy's night" at the bar, when guys can "drink for free". Nick thinks it's an awesome idea, but then again, Nick also thought his zombie novel was an awesome idea. Jess tells him it's a "terrible idea" and says she won't imagine Nick's surprise when she shows up anyway looking to "bang" for some nachos (hey hey, don't get excited. In the words of Jess it's, "just a saying").
  • In an effort to take Schmidt's mind off Cece, Winston takes him to his own favorite place to waste away his troubles - the aquarium. Only problem is, Schmidt's seeing Cece everywhere - including in the fish - and he just might reach a breaking point trying to convince an aquarium worker to let him buy the exotic, endangered Cece-fish. (How this leads Schmidt to cry to Winston for help after a jellyfish attaches to his face, I have no idea.)
  • After seeing his boss' daughter, Shane flirting it up with Nick at the bar, Jess assumes it's all a show to win her over. So of course she's incredibly hurt when she finds out that Nick and Shane are doing more than just some innocent flirting (check out these spoilers here for a clue). By the way, expect a panicked Nick to run out after a shocked Jess.

Are you excited for "Guy's Night"?

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