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New Girl Season 2 Episode 13 "A Father's Love" Spoilers

New Girl Season 2 Episode 13 "A Father's Love" Spoilers

We may be meeting Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) parents in the upcoming Thanksgiving episode, but the father of one of the guys will be visiting soon, too. Want to know who? Read on for the spoilers.

Check out our exclusive spoilers for season 2 episode 13 of New Girl, "A Father's Love":

  • Nick's father, Walt is coming to the loft, but it's not really a visit of the ordinary variety considering Nick's dad is a con man. At least, according to Nick.
  • Jess is certainly thrilled at the prospect of getting to meet Nick's dad, and she'll even get a couple of those Young Nick stories she's looking for - including a flashback complete with Young Winston involving...hats?
  • While Jess may not believe Nick when he says his dad is a liar and a con artist, she soon finds out for herself exactly the kind of man Walt is when she gets roped into helping him and Nick at the horse races.
  • But Nick won't be able to take all these shady dealings without cracking, and he'll deal out something of his own by the end of the episode - the cold hard truth. Will it make a difference to Walt?
  • Meanwhile, Schmidt and Robby bond over spying on Cece at a cafe when she, wait for it...agrees to meet an older Indian man as part of an arranged marriage.

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