New Girl Season 2 Casting Spoilers: Who Plays Nick’s Crazy Miller Family?

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February 12, 2013

It’s been announced that Margo Martindale will be playing Nick’s mom, Bonnie Miller in season 2 episode 20, “Chicago” (check out spoilers here). But if you’ve read said spoilers, then you know that we’ll be seeing more than just Nick’s “nutty” mom – we’ll be introduced to the whole crazy Miller family.

So who’s going to be playing Nick’s little bro Jamie, cousin Bobby, and his even nuttier aunt? Check out the casting spoiler below:

EW has learned that comedian Nick Kroll (The League) will guest star as Nick’s dim-yet-passionate younger brother, an air conditioner repairman named Jamie. Meanwhile, fellow stand-up Bill Burr (Breaking Bad) will play Bobby, Nick’s loudmouthed cousin and a TSA agent at Boston’s Logan Airport who is always fighting with Jamie.

UPDATE: Ellen Abertini Dow (The Wedding Singer) has been cast as Nick’s partially deaf aunt who is convinced that the other family members are plotting against her.

What do you think of the casting, and are you excited just a little freaked out to finally meet Nick’s entire family?

Sources: Entertainment Weekly