New Girl Season 2 Casting Spoiler: Who Plays Shane, Nick’s New Love Interest?

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February 4, 2013

Just because Nick and Jess just kissed in “Cooler”, doesn’t mean they’re in for a happily-ever-after just yet. You might have heard the spoiler that Nick will dig himself a deep one when he gets involved with the daughter of his boss at the bar (check out more spoilers here) – and TVLine has just confirmed who will be playing this new love interest of Nick’s.

The Fox comedy has tapped former House actress Odette Annable to play a potentially recurring love interest for Jake Johnson’s Nick, TVLine has learned exclusively.

“Annable will portray Shane, a perky and preppy management school grad who is Nick’s new boss at the bar. Per the casting notice for the role, Shane “unabashedly” starts having a fling with her new charge.

How will Jess take Nick’s fling with his new boss, and how do you feel about Odette Annable portraying Shane? (And are you with me in thinking…What’s with the New Girl guys having relations with their lady-bosses? Is Winston next??)