New Girl Season 2 Casting Spoiler: A Love Interest for Nick!

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November 28, 2012

We know Schmidt’s getting a new boss who, as TVOverMind put it, goes “all 50 Shades of Grey” on him…so when’s Nick going to ease his post-Caroline frustration and get a “new girl” of his own?

Show creator Liz Meriwether has said that we’ll have to wait a little longer for Jess and Nick to even show signs of getting together, but who knew she’d be planting a new love interest for Nick so soon.

As reported by Deadline and confirmed by entertainment sites such as TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, FOX has snagged Oliva Munn (Newsroom, Magic Mike) for the role.

[Munn] will play Angie, Nick’s (Jake Johnson) new love interest who is sexy, earthy, charming and can hold her own with the group.

How do you think Jess and the guys will react to this new group dynamic? Share your thoughts about Nick getting a season 2 love interest in the comments!

  • lala32

    he just needs to be with jess already. not anyone else.

  • Tanya Marcy

    I know, right? Jake and Zooey have such good on-screen chemistry, too. Still, I’m kind of excited to see a little more push-and-pull between Nick and Jess so we can see their friendship/relationship evolve. :)