Fat Schmidt Returns in New Girl Season 2 Premiere!

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August 10, 2012

We knew you were waiting for it. At this year’s PaleyFest New Girl panel, Liz Meriwether and the cast and crew reported to the fans that there would totally be more Max Greenfield in a fat suit (a.k.a. fat Schmidt) in the near New Girl future – and turns out they weren’t kidding us around!

According to E! Online, “chubby Schmidt” will make a comeback right away in episode 1 of season 2, in another college flashback of course:

“Chubby Schmidt returns! (Why the premiere is not titled this? We’ll never know.) Fans will be treated to another flashback of Schmidt, pre-those freakin’ abs, and Nick in their college years. Vomit may or may not be involved. (It’s totally involved and revoltingly hilarious.)”

Take your guesses on the vomit involvement in the comments. ;)