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New Girl

Season 6 Episode 5

Jaipur Aviv

The gang helps Schmidt & Cece remodel their fixer-upper, Jess spearheads a vote to let Reagan eventually move back....

Season 6 Episode 4


Jess and the gang head to New York, where Schmidt believes he is being honored at his high school....

Season 6 Episode 3

Africa or Retractable S'mores Pole

When Schmidt and Cece and Winston and Aly invite Jess on their couples glamping trip, members of her singles-only group tag along...

Season 6 Episode 2

Hubbedy Bubby

Jess and Cece jump on the campaign trail and make a bet with a disbelieving Schmidt that they can recruit voters for the upcoming Presidential election...

Season 6 Episode 1

House Hunt

Jess tries anything and everything to get her mind off of Nick, who returns from his summer in New Orleans sooner than anticipated...