New Girl Episode 7 “Christmas” Spoilers and Photos

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November 8, 2011

We have a few promotional photos and spoilers to share with you for “Christmas” episode if New Girl.

  • In a flashback, Jess remembers Christmas as a young girl when she delivered meals to senior citizens.
  • Jess (Zooey Deschanel), Cece (Hannah Simone), Winston (Lamorne Morris) Nick (Jake Johnson) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield?) visit Candy Cane Lane.
  • Jess (Zooey Deschanel) shoots photographs of the guys when she gives them roller skates for Christmas.
  • NEW GIRL: L-R: Winston (Lamorne Morris), Nick (Jake Johnson) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield?) try out the roller skates Jess gives them for Christmas.
  • Jess (Zooey Deschanel, R) asks Nick (Jake Johnson, L) for advice about her Christmas gift for Paul.
  • Paul (guest star Justin Long) opens his Christmas gift from Jess.
  • Paul (guest star Justin Long, L) is upset when Nick (Jake Johnson, R) mistakenly tells him some important news.