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New Girl Episode 20 "Kids" Spoilers

New Girl Episode 20 "Kids" Spoilers

You know Jess and kids, gotta love 'em! Right? In this week's new episode of New Girl, "Bully" Jess had to face facts that maybe she might be a...gulp. Kid hater? "I'm not a kid hater...."

Well, upcoming episode, "Kids" will give Jess a chance to redeem herself when her new boyfriend, Russell (Dermot Mulroney) asks Jess to babysit his twelve-year-old daughter. Only thing is, Russell's ex-wife, Ouli (Jeanne Tripplehorn) finds herself stuck in the apartment as well and decides to make Jess' life a living hell.

What about the guys? Winston wigs out over an episode of "Sports Roundtable".

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