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New Girl Episode 15 "Injured" Spoilers

New Girl Episode 15 "Injured" Spoilers

So, who gets "injured" in next Tuesday's episode of New Girl? If you've seen this teaser here with Jake Johnson (Nick) and Lamorne Morris (Winston), then you might already know the answer to that one (hint: Nick ends up at the ObGyn! Okay, that's a sorta-hint). But there's actually more going on this episode than just a physical "injury" - there's going to be an emotional one, too:

The blogosphere is already buzzin' about next Tuesday's all-new episode of New Girl "Injured," where Nick (Jake M. Johnson) gets hurt while playing a game of touch football. But did you know that something even more serious happens to one of the adorkable gang? Lamorne Morris exclusively told us that Winston "loses a loved one" in the episode. We can't tell you who it is, but we can tell you who comforts Winston in his time of need, "Schmidt (Max Greenfield), kind of."

Yep, that sounds like Schmidt. Who do you think the "loved one" in question is, and what kind of hilarity are you hoping for in Nick's plight this episode?

Source: E! Online