NCIS Spoilers: Meet 10-Year Old Abby!

NCIS Spoilers: Meet 10-Year Old Abby!

The NCIS showrunners are going to air an episode where we get to meet a waaay younger version of Abby. According to the report, the lucky kiddo who has landed the role as the 10-year old NCIS forensics analyst is Brighton Sharbino.

Sharbino recently made a guest appearance on NBC's The New Normal. We shall meet her channeling the genius Abby on February.

Furthermore, Gary Glasberg previewed the upcoming effervescent episode. Check out his statement below ---

"From clothing choices to her hair, how she carries herself, things that she says… there are lots of great little prizes in this episode."

Are you thrilled to meet the 10-year old Abby Sciuto?


Source: TV Line