NCIS Season 11 Spoilers: Showrunner Promises “Ziva Is NOT Dead”

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August 8, 2013


Executive producer Gary Glasberg has been doing a lot of explaining these past few days.

Of course, everything boils down to Cota de Pablo‘s upcoming exit on the CBS procedural, NCIS. On Wednesday, the showrunner has clarified that death will not be the reason of Ziva’s exit. He confirms to TV Line “that the actress’ two-episode swan song (kicking off in the Sept. 24 season premiere) will not culminate with her alter ego’s death.”

“It’s not what this character deserves,” Glasberg shares. “Also, [we killed off] Sasha Alexander’s Kate character [back in Season 2] and I like the idea of doing this one a little different and respecting who [Ziva] is.”

“In the second episode we learn why she’s going to make the decision she’s going to make… We put a lot into that storyline, so I hope it works for people,” the EP added.