NCIS Season 11 Spoilers: Premiere Title Revealed! Plus, Meet the New I.T. Guy!

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July 10, 2013


A couple of NCIS season 11 spoilers were spilled by TV Line today:

  • The premiere episode title
  • A forthcoming new character

Get the details below!

There’s some serious WTF?! buzz surrounding the CBS smash’s Sept. 24 premiere, and here’s why: The episode is titled “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.” (Trend alert: This is the third instance in recent memory of an hour-long drama using this expression as an episode title, following Scandal and The Good Wife.)

Maybe the title is a nod to the insane workload dropped on the desk of the I.T. department’s newest hire Ozzy, a towering figure who’s tasked with digging up information on an intruder and tracking down a potential hacker.