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Ncis Los Angeles

Season 6 Episode 6

SEAL Hunter

Sam is arrested for murdering a woman...

Season 6 Episode 5

Black Budget

Callen and Sam head to Mexico to track down the only employee who managed to escape a professional shooting...

Season 6 Episode 4

The 3rd Choir

The NCIS: LA team desperately searches the city for someone who is targeting one of their own, and operational psychologist Nate Getz visits nell after her traumatic experience....

Season 6 Episode 3


The team takes action to protect one of their own while being interrogated by the Department of Justice....

Season 6 Episode 2

Inelegeant Heart

The NCIS: LA team investigate the murder of a Navy contractor...

Season 6 Episode 1

Deep Trouble, Part 2

Callen and Sam are trapped in an armed submarine that terrorists have aimed to hit an aircraft carrier...