NBC Fall 2012-2013 Schedule: 'Community' Moved To Fridays

NBC Fall 2012-2013 Schedule: 'Community' Moved To Fridays

On May 15, NBC was first to unveil their complete 2012-2013 schedule last Sunday, a day ahead of its official Upfront Presentation. Ofcourse, with every major changes a certain network bring to terms each year, there will always be one or two shows that may be subjected to certain arguments. In this year's case, however, the comedy sitcom 'Community' gained the most attention.

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Kicking off with the Monday schedule is another attention-grabber, NBC's musical Smash and was ordered to run on the mid part of the season. This bump is to make way for another J.J. Abrams post-apocalyptic series, Revolution. We shall see this sci-fi adventure after The Voice. The musical show will air three hours a week, with a two-hour block from 8pm to 10pm on Mondays and a follow-up hour on Tuesdays.

NBC is also tuning up for more comedies this year. On Tuesday nights, Matthew Perry's Go On and Ryan Murphy's The New Normal will be throwing punching lines back-to-back after The Voice. Moreover, wrapping up your Tuesday nights is 'Parenthood' at 10pm.

On Wednesdays, more fun-time awaits you with another couple of freshman series, Animal Practice (Weeds' Justin Kirk as a vet who loves pets but hates their owners) and Guys With Kids (about new dads who still like to party, produced by Jimmy Fallon) lead off the night at 8pm and 8:30pm, respectively.

30 Rock, The Office, Up All Night, along with Parks and Recreations stays intact on your usual Thursday comedy block --but this time without 'Community'.

The Friday timeslot of NBC gave way for Whitney and Community to air consecutively from 8pm-9pm, each with a 30-minute airtime schedule. TV.com argued this 'bump' of Community in NBC with the comment, " Regarding Community's big move, let's ignore the parallels to Chuck and try to look at the bright side: The show made it onto NBC's fall schedule, which means it has a shot at a back-nine episode order. And that means there's a chance of it getting a full season (so far it's only renewed for 13 episodes). Plus Community is the kind of show whose fans will follow it."

Furthermore, also being saved for midseason are new sitcoms "Save Me," "1600 Penn" and "Next Caller," and new dramas "Do No Harm," "Hannibal" and "Infamous."

Did your favorite show landed oddly to you? Or are you pleased with all of NBC's tiny bumps down the road? We'd like to hear it, share it here!

Here's the official NBC Schedule for the year 2012-2013:
(New programs in ALL CAPS)

8pm - 10pm — The Voice
10pm - 11pm — REVOLUTION

8pm - 9pm — The Voice
9pm - 9:30pm — GO ON
9:30pm - 10pm — THE NEW NORMAL
10pm - 11pm — Parenthood

8pm - 8:30pm — ANIMAL PRACTICE
8:30pm - 9pm — GUYS WITH KIDS
9pm - 10pm — Law & Order: SVU
10pm - 11pm — CHICAGO FIRE

8pm - 8:30pm — 30 Rock
8:30pm - 9pm — Up All Night
9pm - 9:30pm — The Office
9:30pm - 10pm — Parks and Recreation
10pm - 11pm — Rock Center with Brian Williams

8pm - 8:30pm — Whitney
8:30pm - 9pm — Community
9pm - 10pm — Grimm
10pm - 11pm — Dateline NBC

SUNDAY (fall 2012)
7pm - 8:15 pm — Football Night in America
8:15pm - 11:30pm — NBC Sunday Night Football

SUNDAY (post-football/midseason 2013)
8pm - 9pm — Fashion Star
9pm - 10pm — The Celebrity Apprentice
10pm - 11pm — DO NO HARM