Nashville Spoilers: Will Rayna and Juliette Finally Tour Together?

Nashville Spoilers: Will Rayna and Juliette Finally Tour Together?

Last week on Nashville..

"You do what you gotta do, kiddo" -- says Rayna James when Juliette Barnes played another bitch card on her. Finally, the two country music hit makers were seen in one stage singing to the people of Nashville. However, no matter how much they hate each other these two divas just seem inseparable. With a lot of people pushing them in together and the pressure of being a legend, how can the two handle their reputation without lying on each other's career?

These two characters simply compliment each other, frankly. Juliette needs Rayna because of her clean records as a no-shoplifting singer while Rayna has to look good and fresh among the younger generation. This, she can't possibly do without the pull from Juliette's colossal fanbase.

Next week, expect things and territories to get another inch closer. From Zap2it, I'm happy to share that your most-awaited tour between Rayna and Juliette will likely be given another thought. And if you're also into the whole Scarlette/Gunnar/Avery love triangle, then make sure that you tune in next week because one of them are going to break-up with their current "someone", while another jumps into a new romance.

This week's episode puts Rayna right back at square one -- once again, her label is pushing her to join Juliette on a co-headlining tour. Meanwhile, everyone on the show is on a romance roller coaster! Expect one couple to break-up while a second couple enters a new (and potentially controversial!) phase in their relationship.

Who do you think is going to sing achy-breaky-heart by the end of next week's installment? Will Rayna finally let go of her pride and tour with diva-Barnes? Tell us your thoughts below.