Nashville Spoilers: Who Will Deacon Choose Between Juliet & Rayna?

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October 24, 2012

I know how much you’re loving ABC’s new musical, Nashville! In an upcoming episode, will Deacon finally makes his choice between Rayna and Juliet? Here’s a scoop shared by TV Guide

  • Deacon makes his choice clear in the next episode — but he may have waited too long for anyone to truly benefit.
  • In truth, both Rayna and Juliette will be distracted by family issues: Juliette is forced into closer quarters than she’d like with her junkie mother and Rayna will finally learn exactly why her father looks down on her career as country music’s queen.
  • (Hint: Rayna’s mother probably inspired a few broken-hearted love songs in her day.)

‘Nashville’ is airing every Wednesday on ABC.