Nashville Spoilers: When Will Deacon Learn About His Kid With Rayna?

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March 8, 2013

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Rayna James has been keeping a colossal amount of secret from her ex-lover Deacon. And by colossal I mean, Deacon’s own flesh and blood! How can she do that to him? I can only assume that when this explosive kerfuffle lands on Deacon’s knowledge, it will be an epic war for Rayna.

Fans have addressed this paternity matter to Nashville showrunner Callie Khouri and she confirms that Deacon has ZERO idea about his progeny. At the moment, she’s in no rush to drop the “Hey, Deacon you’re a father now” bombshell. Here’s a quote from Khouri:

“That’s a big deal… We’ll hold that,”

Source: TV Line