Nashville Spoilers: What's Ahead For Deacon? Charles Esten Previews!

Nashville Spoilers: What's Ahead For Deacon? Charles Esten Previews!

imagesCourtesy of Buddy TV, Nashville actor Charles Esten previewed what's ahead for his character on the ABC musical soap. Esten plays the legendary country music icon Deacon Claybourne who is currently romantically entangled with Rayna James, his old flame.

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On the interview, we learned a few spoilers abound when the hit musical returns, read on below:

  • Things are going to continue to be complicated for Deacon and Rayna.
  • Rayna's marriage ending won't necessarily mean she and Deacon will get together, as other things will get in the way.
  • Through it all though, there will always be moments where they will be exactly on the same level and able to talk to each other.
  • Uncle Deacon has noticed that Scarlett used to be more needy and weak, but he's noticed that she is getting more of her own strength with each episode.
  • Uncle Deacon will always be there for his niece, but the real job is to not have her need him at all.
  • Traveling on the road with Juliette and Rayna will continue to be a challenge for Deacon as all the glitz and glam isn't really in his ballpark.
  • A new person will come into Deacon's life, someone not in the music biz, which will bring out another side to him.

Watch sneak peek for an all new episode of Nashville here.