Nashville Spoilers: What Does ‘The Kiss’ Between Deacon and Rayna Means? Charles Esten Weighs-in!

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March 26, 2013


E! Online has addressed Nashville actor Charles Esten about the sexy elevator kiss Deacon pulled with Rayna, post-divorce! How will this affect their relationship now? Will they hit the romance department the second time around? Here’s what the actor has teased:

“She had that coming, right? I think it depends on all of your definitions. Like are we are gonna get together, will it ever be easy, will it ever be done, will it ever be happily ever after? That’s going to be very tricky.” So will it ever be public?! “I think so. I think somewhere down the road that will happen, but public doesn’t mean easy. You see all the public relations in Nashville of all places, especially in country music. It’s hard, maybe it’s even harder in the public eye.” Let’s hope these two can stand the heat!

Do like Rayna to be with Deacon?

  • allecats

    Oh YEAH! They SO deserve and need to be together!!

  • hopeful

    Definitely best couple on tv.