Nashville Spoilers: Two Lives Will Be In Jeopardy in the Winter Finale

SYLVIA JEFFERIES, HAYDEN PANETTIEREAs you may have already know, the Grim Reaper is Nashville-bound.

Though we're still not privy to which character is dying, we've learned a spoiler hinting that someone else may be joining him or her on the unfortunate arc. (Please, not another car crash!)

As briefly teased by TV Line recently, "What if I told you that two lives will hang in the balance at the end of Wednesday’s winter finale?"

Seeing how Rayna and Deacon survived last season's car mishap, we wanna rule them out from this season's deathlist. But that's just us wishing it's not them again this time. My gut tells me it's Teddy and Peggy, anyway.

What about you? Feel free to share your theories below!

Check out this sneak peek for "Tomorrow Never Comes":