Nashville Spoilers: The Cast Talks Season One Premiere -- What's Ahead?

Nashville Spoilers: The Cast Talks Season One Premiere -- What's Ahead?

Nashville, the new musical TV series from ABC premiered last week with a pretty good start. The pilot was overall engaging and the characters were fabricated like a classic country music.

In a chat with TV Line, the hottest cast of the musical weighed-in on their characters' first stretch of storyline. We grabbed a few spoilers for you to watch out for in the next coming episodes, check them out below!

Hayden Panettiere on Juliet Barnes' rough-around-the-edges personality and her voice as a product of Auto-Tune

“Juliette is a survivor, and that’s interesting to me. And the more I talk about it with [exec producer] RJ [Cutler], the more I realize how much Juliette and Rayna have in common. They’re both strong women, they’re both kind of rebels, she’s running away from her family and I’ve run away from mine…. If they didn’t happen to be in each other’s way at the moment, they would probably be good friends.”

As for the intimation that Juliette isn’t a gifted crooner but a product of Auto-Tune, Panettiere is “afraid people are going to take that line too literally and think, ‘OK, she’s not talented, she’s a witch to everyone, she has this rough-around-the-edges quality… What’s there to respect?’” So in her character’s defense, she likens Rayna’s rival to… Hugh Laurie’s TV doc? “I know this is the most out-there comparison, but I want her to be like House, because he’s such an ass but you respect him because he’s so good at what he does. Even though Juliette is conniving and twisted in a way, she’s still pretty wise for a young girl who got herself out of a bad situation and made a life for herself.”

The undiscovered talents -- Scarlett O'Connor and Gunnar Scott. Aussie actress Clare Bowen and British actor Sam Palladio weigh in on their budding careers as both singers/songwriters and the love triangle yet to be discovered.

“We’re the underdogs, the characters the audience can relate to a little more since they’re removed from the superstardom,” says Sam Palladio, the British actor who plays Gunnar. “That makes our story a bit more real, a bit more tangible.”

“Scarlett is very shy and modest, an incredibly humble person,” says Aussie beauty Clare Bowen. “Her drive has been focused on her boyfriend Avery (played by Jonathan Jackson), so she didn’t know that she has this talent that she does.” Adds Palladio: “Scarlett is apprehensive about taking the mantel of songwriter away from her boyfriend, so for her, [success] doesn’t sit as high on the scale as it does for Gunnar.”

Regardless, as producer-DJ Watty White (J.D. Souther) scouts Scarlett and Gunnar on Rayna’s behalf, could the duo’s collaboration turn into something more…? “Probably! We’ll see what happens,” Bowen teases. Palladio in turn says with a wink, “I think you’re going to find them creating some interesting music together.”

'Nashville' airs every Wednesday on ABC.