Nashville Spoilers: The Cast Previews More Love and More Lust!

Nashville Spoilers: The Cast Previews More Love and More Lust!

SAM PALLADIO, CLARE BOWENDuring the Paley Fest panel, the cast of Nashville dropped a few teasers on what's coming and going on their characters' lovelife on the freshman musical soap. Thanks TV Guide for sharing!

New love interest for Deacon; Rayna and Liam revamp?

According to actor Charles Esten, Deacon will hook-up with a veterinarian which will be played by Susan Misner.

"For anyone who is in the industry and that's all they know, it gets real claustrophobic and to find somebody who's not part of that world is immediately a breath of fresh air. And, of course, to find someone that's not crazy impressed with you — what could be more attractive than that? She doesn't know even know Deacon is a great guitarist so immediately he's hooked. Just because you have your one — your Rayna, your magnetic north — doesn't mean that you don't ever connect with anybody else. We connect, and that's what makes it interesting and difficult."

EP Dee Johnson previewed Rayna's trajectory as part of the singletons in Nashville. Are we seeing a love triangle here?

"She's definitely going to work on the album, which means the possibility of Liam coming back into her life. But don't give up hope for Rayna and Deacon just yet. "They're going to have to come back together at some point. The question is: Is the potential relationship that they and everyone else pictured as the golden time when they could be together — is it going to be that easy? I doubt it".

On the heels of their long-awaited hook-up, what's next for Scarlett and Gunnar? Actor Sam Palladio weighs-in:

"Sometimes reality can be different than fantasy. Gunnar is in a totally different place. That's going to complicate their relationship.

Yeah, they give it a shot. It's never particularly easy. They start under such difficult circumstances. So it's difficult, but hopefully that relationship will be become stronger through it."

Additionally, a new character named Will (Chris Carmack) who also stands a chance of being Scarlett's new love interest will be introduced. He is known to be the "new Avery" but unlike the real Avery, Gunnar will find friendship with Will. Here's more from Palladio:

"[Will] is another device to move Gunnar from this depression and this loss into getting some life back into the guy. He provides a nice tension again. Will is a songwriter so there are possibilities for new music to happen between those two."

The actor revealed that a hurdle that will confront Gunnar and his creative process, a writer's block --

"His head is spinning right now and he's in a bad place. Scarlett is really a catalyst to try and shake him out of that and try and get the concentration back onto his music. You find that he stops writing. He stops caring."

Finally, the feisty Juliette Barnes will find a new romance as well. She'll find it in the form of her mother's rehab counselor named Dante (Jay Hernandez). Here's a quote from Hayden Panettiere:

"He's going to impact [the family]. It's a fine line to walk, but he could help, or he could hurt,"

Nashville returns with S01E15 titled "When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts" on March 27th on ABC.