Nashville Spoilers: Show's Boss on Will/Rayna Romance and Will's Identity Crisis; Plus, Another Death Abound!

Nashville Spoilers: Show's Boss on Will/Rayna Romance and Will's Identity Crisis; Plus, Another Death Abound!

CHARLES ESTEN, CONNIE BRITTONExecutive producer Dee Johnson addressed a few major arcs on Nashville's sophomore season in a recent report from TV Line.

On Rayna and Deacon's orbit, the showrunner weighed in if the former lovers' current relationship "could lead to something more" after all the bumps we've witnessed them go through. And seeing them sorta reconnect this time, can fans root again for them both?

It’s pretty much now or never, says exec producer Dee Johnson. “It’s more possible now than it ever was over the course of the last 20 years,” she notes. “Deacon went through something and came out the other side of it; the [Maddie] secret is now all out in the open; Rayna is not married anymore; they’ve both evolved.” The one fairly substantial hiccup? Neither one of them is single. “As with life, you’re always dating someone when the person you really want is available,” Johnson adds. “It’s all about timing.” For her part, Connie Britton is ready for those two crazy kids to get their crap together. “I’m a big believer in Rayna and Deacon,” she tells me. “I always feel that people can work these things out, which is probably silly and idealistic of me. But I’m a silly and idealistic person.” (And don’t you dare change — not ever!)

On Will's struggle of finally getting out of the closet as a gay country singer, the EP delivered some pretty bad news.

“The struggle will continue for him,” confirms Johnson. “He still has a certain thing in mind for himself in terms of country stardom, and he still doesn’t think it’s possible to embrace himself in that way. He’s going to try very hard to focus on [his career] solely and remove temptation from his life.” However, eventually, “his secret is going to come out,” the EP adds. “That’s not something that can stay underground forever, despite anybody’s best efforts. The question is, How will he handle it? And where will he be in his career path when it does come out?”

Finally, the kiss of death will come knocking AGAIN into Nashville's doors. TV Line confirmed:

"Another major character — more major than Peggy, I would argue — is about to bite the dust."

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